Developers are silent again


They put out a video saying they want to communicate more and involve the community in the process of making this game.

However, now they're back to being silent. And still no presence on the forum at all.

It makes it hard to trust them and they lose credibility if they just keep saying things, but don't actually do it.


Did you miss the announcement on discord today? they have a link where you can ask questions they will answer over the next few weeks.

Here is their post from this morning:

10:51 AM] gladiator:
Hello, Nomads! We promised in our first Community Devlog that we were going to improve communication, so we wanted to try something out. This process may be tweaked as necessary! We’re going to be opening up a poll where you can submit questions to the team and we’ll pick a few of the most asked or most intriguing to answer either every week or every other week, or in a future Q&A or Community Devlog. We’ll post a new link to the poll whenever we open up a new round for questions. The first round of questions can be asked here: The form will close on July 13th to prepare for the second Community Devlog. Rude/Joke questions will be ignored and removed. CHECK THE LIVING FAQ BEFORE ASKING YOUR QUESTION TO MAKE SURE IT HASN’T ALREADY BEEN ANSWERED! That page can be found here: Note that it also includes the FAQ we have here on Discord. We’ll stay as on top of this as possible! If we find that this is being abused in any way, we will close the form. REMEMBER: If you need to submit a bug report or report a cheater, use: If you need to submit a technical support ticket, use: