Suggestion Flying walker + some sugestions


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Hello, I would suggest a flying walkers, like the movie Mortal Engines, it would fit the style and the "Lore" of the game, I Would also suggest adding more life to the oasis, more animals, more life, and dynamic weather, taking inspiration from my favorite game Rend.
Would be nice to have some leaderboards and stats for a more competitive environment.



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Flying walkers? Why not, it would be nice to shoot some bolts at them
More life, animals and plants? Yes please
Dynamic weather? Like sand storms, very rarely some rain? Yes please!
Leaderboards? Nobody cares.
Rend has literally 1.9 players avg. don't waste your time naming it, I had to look through Google to find out what it was.


Flying walkers? as if wing suits are not OP as it is you want China dropping gas and fire grenades on you too? Dev's have not even fixed the current issues and you want to add more?

Don't get me wrong, it is not a bad idea but maybe just not the right time to introduce it. Aslo, will this game morph in to aerial battles now too? Air scouts in flying fireflies calling out targets? The birth of flight in history was a game changer, flight in this game will be also. Given this game revolves around (mostly) hand to hand, flight will need the introduction of anti-aircraft weapons, simple arcing bolts will not do.

Great idea for post full release IMHO. Be interesting to see if and how it can be pulled off and still stay on theme of the game.


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Rend was a cool idea bad executed. They close de servers a while ago. But still was a great game. The suggestions I gave is about more content. I know the game got a lot of bugs. But as a developer myself I know having patch notes with just bug fix won't keep players. See Ark for example. About the flying yes it would be hard to balance but would be cool to kill the dragons air style


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I'm totally against flying walkers, Flying mounts killed world PVP in WOW and having flying walkers would kill the PVP in here as well.