Suggestion Ideas for the Commerce Update


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While the new update won't be coming for at least a few months, there's still plenty of ideas to discuss in the meantime. As the Commerce update would deal mostly in trade and traders, there's a lot of things that could be added that fit that theme.

New Tile Type: Flotillan Caravan
If the volcanic update is our reasonable template for themed content update, then a new tile might be likely. The Flotilla have been talked about at length on the forums but this update would be the perfect time to bring them into the game. This would be a special tile that would be typically found attached to a normal tile and only occasionally by itself as an event tile. There would only be a certain number of Caravan tiles, based on regional population. The new tile would be comprised of a central super trade station, with a tent city surrounding it and a circular walker barrier around that.The trade station would be special in that all other trade stations of this type would be linked, creating a global market for goods. The trade station would also offer cosmetic services like character edits, name changes, and clan flag customization. The surrounding tents would be a combination of lounge spaces and peer-to-peer trading booths, and could even expand into other kinds of services as the game progresses. Any clan that has claimed the attached tile will get a trade tax from any purchase or sale completed on their caravan tile. The entire tile would have the no damage effect of the normal trade stations, and additionally would force walkers into the lobby when the nomad logs out even if they are on foot. Walkers left in this lobby for more than 2 hours will be shunted along with their owners/crew into the attached tile's lobby. In the case of the event map version, they are shunted to the nearest tile.

Controversial / Hard to Implement Features to be Considered
  • Bank system accessible from any super trade station. People already use the trade stations to store things, why not make it official.
  • Fight Pits in the tent city where nomads gain pvp ranking and allows fighters to be bet on, allows combat focused nomads to potentially make Flots on their own merits and for friendlier clans to host tournaments. Can also be used simply for sparring.
  • Requests given by the Flotilla with either a Flots reward or access to better services such as larger bank space. Include mostly pve / crafting objectives like killing predators or turning in trade goods (Red Banana????). Flots for turning in materials receive a bonus rate compared to instant sell. Only 3 missions can be offered per period (1 crafting, 1 hunting, 1 high difficulty that can be either crafting or hunting), with the list refreshing after a certain amount of time.

New Equipment

Trade Packs
Small, Medium, and Large variants of the backpack that have less storage space but increase weight limit at the cost of movement speed. Good for hauling heavy materials or scrounging the aftermath of a battle.

Spider Mount
A mount for spider walkers that hangs off the side of a walker similar to the walker climber. Limited to 1 per walker and cannot be put on fireflies or dinghies, as they lack the height to properly secure the spider off the ground. The effect would be similar to packing but would take longer than a normal single piece. Would be affected by pack speed and can be unpacked by enemies if broken to half health. Allows spiders to be carried on long trading runs and hopefully encourages some players to upgrade their spiders more.

Duster (Walker Weapon)
A pilot controlled walker weapon similar in philosophy to the remote ballista. Upon pressing space all dusters will release their payload at once, with some having a short delay to keep the walker it was fired from out of danger. Dusters are designed as chase-breaking tools, using specialized charges that disrupt or slow down walkers behind them, especially useful for fleeing merchants. Duster Charges are made by combining a duster canister (simple, intermediate, and advanced variants) with the appropriate ammo type. Any ground effects left by the Duster have a decay timer that begins as soon as they are deployed to prevent laying and leaving a large amount of nets / caltrops on say a road.
-Charge Types
  • Sand Charge: Simplest kind of charge. Produces a large sand cloud that trails behind the walker, obstructing the vision of pursuers. Can also be used to disguise the size of a fleet if making an assault, or to make a smaller fleet appear much larger. Can be filled from the desert.
  • Net Charge: Second simplest kind of charge. Drops a small canister that explodes shortly afterwards into a tangle of ropes. The ropes tangle in the walker legs and slows its speed while driving over them. Uses net-thrower ammo or x number of ropes depending on where it should be on the tech tree.
  • Fuel Charge: Intermediate charge. Sprays a line of lava fuel behind the walker that can be ignited by a second weapon. If a pursuing walker is too close they will be sprayed with fuel and can also be lit on fire. Uses lava fuel.
  • Gas Charge: Advanced charge. Spews a cloud of poisonous gas behind the walker that damages players and obscures their vision. Meant to discourage chasing directly behind a walker, hopefully slowing them down. Uses green gas bombs
  • Caltrops Charge: Advanced charge. Drops a canister than explodes shortly afterwards, spreading iron caltrops. The caltrops both slow walkers and damage their legs as they drive through it. Uses caltrops (new ammo type, constructed with iron or niberian ingots based on balance assumptions)