Is there Clay on the Volcano Maps


I do not think there is but there is Lava.......fair trade. The Volcano Tiles are my favorite tiles by far to date.

I love that they're starting to not just put out more tiles, but to also break the game up and split everything amongst these tiles.


I kinda hope they do some clay stuff where you get different types of Clay that yields different amounts of product or are used for say, Brick instead of Ceramic (though technically Brick could be considered a Ceramic.....go away old construction career, I miss the Pay but not the pain, heh) ......those red puddles near the Oyster fields on the medium tiles look a lot like Clay or an adobe rich mud....... Every Add they have done lately comes with some speed bumps but they genuinely put in a LOT of stuff the last if you can get some of these PvP and only PvP roadblocks spread out just a bit more.....
I like the idea of adding greater variety, there certainly are unique patches of earth on a number of tiles.

-Adobe - Medium tile clay, used for clay buildings and structure armor (you can slap some adobe on your T2 wood walls for a bit of fire protection?)
-Fine clay - Hard tile clay, used for ceramic tools and walker upgrades
-Niber clay - Asteroid tile clay, can be refined into nib ore in a purifier, best bulk nib farming and adds more decentralized value and fun to asteroid tiles