Last Oasis needs boobs


Maybe just maybe last Oasis is less popular because there are no boobs

Conan Exiles has boobs
Rust has boobs

both these games are doing ok

but games like Atlas where there are no boobs seem to be dying
Hurtworld had no boobs and died

next patch maybe add boobs there is literally no downside



Do not forget to add realistic breast physics. This is much more important than the physics of walkers.


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Why always fall into decadence to hope to see a game work?

It is not a pair of breasts that will ensure better content, the game will bring together just the sexual frustrate, who will come to masturbate without even trying to understand the real content / purpose of this game ...


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Ahh I'm suuuure by the time there's a full release people will have mods out if someone is so thirsty for some digital nip action.