Suggestion Map hard cap, wildlife, clans & pve loot

Hello everyone,

This will be a post that i cut down as much as possible by suggesting the changes and additions i would like to see in the game and then i can explain why if people ask. The reason for making this post is to create optics on content that i feel is missing.

- Set map clan caps to hard caps of 6,12,24,50 and remove unlimited maps!(Maybe add overflow mechanic to make system more dynamic?)
- Proxy owned maps should have reserved player slots for the owners of the proxy.
- Proxy upkeep should be added, maybe a use for Flots?
- Create more life on the map, animals fighting and more small animals types.
- Add rupu horde on fabricator or rupu infested walker roaming the map.
- Add system for better clan management, lobby could be a clan house?
- Character customization that makes our avatars look more unique.
- Rupu and poi loot needs to interact with fabricator!(Loot reward blueprint that then creates modules at fabricator?)
- Rupu loot tables need to be better and have rare drops.
- We need more hard, medium and event map diversity.(Same map type but different Terran configuration)

I understand that this might not be easy to program at that this might take time. I also know that some of these things might not be the direction the devs want to go. That is totally ok ❤
What i am trying to tell you as a paying customer is that this is what i think would help the game be awesome right now :wink:

I would love to get everyone there thoughts on all of those ideas but please make your comment as short as possible and in understandable English. Calling me names or flaming will make me ignore your post and down vote it!

uh, nearly forgot. These ideas are an addition to what the devs are already doing, keep up the good work ❤
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