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Discreet Community Gaming
NA east { Discreet Community gaming} Forget merges, forget playing seriously, want to be part of a community? Just want to casually play with some friends? Dm me we have a spot for you, we aren’t a Zerg. We play multiple games, tight knit community dm me for more info! We are a small clan looking to grow and maintain 10+ people simultaneously online to keep things flowing.
Not looking for sweat lords, toxic members, racist, sexist, or any other bad behavior that anyone may have.

- no age limit
- must have a mic
- follow rules and guidelines (making some still)
- be willing to help defend each member should we get attacked win or lose
- participate in clan ops
- not a communistic clan the founder does not require any farmers to hand over their personal materials or belongings you farmed it therefore it belongs to you.
- clan donations are accepted but not required.
- looking for community managers
- looking for people to record videos ( pvp, pvm , events)
- any other ideas from people that would like to play a role in the clan would be greatly appreciated
DM me if interested dudeits3am#5742
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