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Dedicate one realm in each continent for Rated Arena PVP. (For Free)
1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 5v5
Rated Arena, with all items and advanced arenas for grappling/wing suite. With option to have 3 weps
Armor set macro swaps.
I mean just give us quick paste!
Give us other pvp games, there for i would play most solo arenas. Would love to get to insane lvl :))))

GUYS is there who would like to try this ????
And the real question is. Would you like to get good practice for main realm ??
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The "Flotilla Tile" Thats been brought up in a number of recent suggestions would be an ideal location.

Instead of the trade station that usually spawns, a ranked arena spawns on these flotilla tiles instead!


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not like this... i mean i would have to play the game get items risk to get to arena....
I would like just to play rated arena as a separate game


I just built a crazy ass Arena/Obstacle Course for folks to fight and wingsuit off of down into a ravine ......Even got Prizes for the winners if there are any takers...... Someday, I like the value added nature stuff folks can build in the game. Makes it a bit more then Nakeds with Beatsticks charge , respawn charge again.....


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Rated would be different.
Im just saying it would be cool, coz my self are solo player and i dont play anymore coz afraid to lose my shit :D but really like pvp system and if dev would make it as a "Arena Realm" and even for free that anyone with out buying the game could play. maybe it would bring some new players to main realms.
Nah, I mean, like, its such a simple enough concept to add to the game, why suggest that it be just a standalone game?

Or maybe I'm confused on the scope of your vision?
Do you mean to suggest an entire tile, that like, you only get to spawn on once and its like, a Z2H battle royale? Like a battleroyale mode of LO? good lord just go back to fortnite, right?
Or an actual XvX melee arena that can spawn in, instead of the trade stations?


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"Q: What is your plan for the zerg problem/making the game more solo friendly?

A: While the thirst modifier had some effect on the way clans organize on certain tiles in the world, it clearly wasn’t enough to “fix” the issues regarding zerging and solo experience. These issues are currently our top gameplay priority, so we want to take our time and ensure we get it right, instead of going with the first ideas that pop into our heads. This will involve thinking through multiple angles and scenarios, discussing various ideas, and then mocking up a few of those for testing before implementing a good solution. We hear all the suggestions to add hard caps to servers, but with the information, feedback, and data we have, we strongly believe that one of the main causes of these issues is that there’s not enough variety in the gameplay experience within the game yet. Large clans enjoy fighting each other or hunting solos, while solos are bored and end up either joining those clans or getting hunted until they quit. What we think is lacking in this equation is diversity in other activities for all kinds of players and clans in the game, which would make the current (and only) type of gameplay one of many. We’re working on designing all kinds of new gameplay loops and entirely new experiences, like unique mechanics on event maps, arenas, exploration-based dungeons, and many more."

I imagine they are already thinking about it, that would be really nice!


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oh man... if they will do it im for sure will come to play.
And for solo's they could just create realm where is no clan mechanics.
So all would be solo players and some friend groups, which would be hard for them in pvp and meet in a first place


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Main Realm - Hard core boys well thats the comment :D
Arena Realm - And here: mmr qq, char inventory for "3wep" choice (Skill), Armor. All items free to choice is a must, mb progression from stick to sword. and Arena it self
Solo Realm - Easy to make as they already have everything just clan disable

thats a good choice
I'm still confused about your vision.

What is a "Realm" to you?
And where does that fit on the map?

Are you trying to say "Event Tile"?


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Or even better Solo Realm more into pve and with out drop on death mechanics and impossible to destroy walkers/bases at random times.
But could be possible to if someone wanna to take tile.
Lets say all the existing mechanics with drops and destroys would be just around Proxy at given Radius/Distance.

Thats the solutions !!!!! it could go even to live/main realm 110%

I mean thats the problem with population. No SOLO can die or they fackt to ZERO
And no SOLO will wanna to play

Plus like a lot said PVP toggle ON/OFF for those crazy groups who wanna.

Or PK system like in Lineage 2
And to lose PK that player would need to run away like 2-4 tiles away for that one.
(This system could do the purpose, anyone from clan killing other except hes own clan member would flag all clan, which toggles PK if the member is in that tile in which he/she killed and would exist till the end of tile existence. And to have good practice it wouldnt work against clan members)

P.S. Hire me i just had all vision xD
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Your vision is to invent a new game with pvp rules like an old game, but not be LO. All you need now are investors, the skills and will to make a product and then to bring it to market. What has any of that got to do with LO :S