EU Red Moon Walkers are recruiting


New member
We are The Red Moon Walkers, a small group of skilled players looking for new members to join our clan.
Our group is an english speaking international clan, made up from people from all around europe (including UK, Sweden, Spain, Germany and Austria)
We are a well organized and goal driven community, fighting off pirates and helping out the weak.
We strive to be an organized and efficient group with a set of rules, policies and procedures in place to make sure the entire group is on the same page at all times.
Our goals are well rounded, with pvp and pve orientation.
If you are a solo or small group being tired of wandering the oases getting overrun by big clans, but dont want to be part of those to survive, join us!
We welcome all levels of skill and experience.

What we offer:
a friendly enviroment
Ressources and equipment for new players
daily pvp training
tablets for clan contribution
and loads of hilarious experiences

Must be in discord whenever in-game
Must be able to speak English
Must be 18+
No toxicity
Willingness to help the clan

To get in contact add ghettopara#9899, Ridda #4775 or Dsplash69#2019 on discord.