Search a Clay Spot is so **** at moment!!


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We searched 3 Oasis in 3 days and only found Qaulity 1 and 30+ on the whole map. I think this is far too hard and it should not demotivate a player that there is no spot on the map that is a Quality 100+, because you are looking for it. You should work that somehow over either significantly more spots of high quality or that you can see if the spot has any quality anywhere. the way it is it measures.

Clay is a tough one to balance, because its always there, unlike most resources that have to respawn / regrow.

They make it easier to get decent Q clay, but it is certainly one of the more challenging tasks in the game right now to find super high Q clay.
I like it that way, personally.
I think that top tier Q mats should be ultra rare to find.


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I also have no problem that it is rare to find, but it should be at least 1 spot per oasis.
This is rare when you consider that there are 30+ spots on an oasis and how to look for it.
Has anyone actually done the math to figure out what exactly the spawn rates are?
I don't think there should be a guarantee of any material node spawning as high Q


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I agree top quality should b harder to find but the accompanied issue is people blockading quality modes, which really shouldn't b a thing tho I have no idea how you could prevent that.