Seeking Help with login error: You are not supposed to be on this server.


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Been getting this error while trying to log in and I'm seeking help.
I've been locked out for over 13 hours now and if this isn't fixed before the tile burns up, I'm going to lose quite a bit. Already tried opening a ticket with support, verifying on steam and just spamming logins. A few people have said that they just logged in then relaunched the game and it eventually sorted itself out however I am 2 hours into trying this and I've had no luck.
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kc disciple

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Had the same error for 2 days now, support just said "this is an early access game that may have bugs" and then referred me to the server issues team.. haven't heard anything since. Some people say it just fixes itself after a couple days so I guess I'm just waiting on that.


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same thing with no reply. jumping to an oasis with 5 days left and whole clan cant jump back on due to this. dropped us when loading into a map.