Feedback Shaman content: Don't Bring it Please


I thot finally i get to play MMO without magic and spells. But now you are trying hard to bring Shaman religion /cult to the game... Can we have a game without witches magic and spells ?

Are you bringing demons, elves, unicorn and flying broomstick ?

i already bought the game twice... but if this content is coming ... im out, uninstall and move on to the next realism based mmo game.


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Right ... too many spiritual stuff in modern games. This should have been a desert survival game. I thought it's in the future, why is Shaman religion here ?


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They've said a bunch of times how the "shaman" stuff was just some stuff from their art person, and does not indicate any future content.


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Yeah, we don't want magical stuff mixed in with our realistic insta-grow forests and monkey-men villages on a tile that just came out of a long burn and long ice phase. And definitely no spells to spoil the realisim of 60-ton walkers blown up hills and any direction across deserts (even against the wind) by their remarkably scientific little kite-sized wings, 500lb bicycles that can be peddled up sheer cliffs, ultra-realistic boots that cushion landings from any height, grappling hooks that connect and disconnect without fail and are always already spring-loaded for reeling, and the realistic chemistry of water for bringing dead players back to life as long as the supply lasts. As anyone can see, shamans and magic and spirituality would so absolutely ruin all of this complete and totally scientific realism!

Definitely no elves or demons to spoil the realism of sentient monkey-men.
Definitely no unicorns to take away from the realism of flying lizards who ignore fresh meat in favor of delicious cloth sandwiches, pink foxes that must hybernate all but 10 days of the year, blue demon-dogs, gargantuan crabs and elephants, and huge desert were-worms borrowed from either that definitely-not-fantasy-writer Tolkien and or Herbert's definitely-not-aliens sandworms. Such a realistic setting would absolutely be spoiled by the addition of one-horned horses or flying evil humanoids or other creatures like these that no dev has ever mentioned as part of the plan.

Everyone knows in a post-apocalyptic future, no one will ever again have magical or religious or mystical understandings of the universe, even if throat-singing sounds kinda mystical and the narrator who introduces you to this world hints at all sorts of religious cultures. No, all the nomads definitely fully comprehend the eclipse and the burn and the freeze as science and will never ever mistake these for actions of some greater beings that can be influenced by prayers or rituals or sacrifices or concoctions. Their oral culture will always and forever faithfully transmit through the generations the science of the catastrophe that hit the earth, without fail, without addition or subtraction, and no one will ever start to worship the sun or the moon or the rupu or the Claw, or the Worm and a whole systematic mythology would definitely never ever spring up in such circumstances as the setting of Last Oasis. And the current "vitamins" with their instantaneous effects will always be understood even by superstitious people as totally scientific pharmaceutical drugs, never as magic potions, and by convincing your mind that you aren't thirsty you can fool the body into actually needing less water! This is science on a level even Donald Trump can understand!

Careful devs!! :)

Magnus Lefou

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I'm against any kind of magic spells. It would be good to have a greater fauna with beastmen like jaguarmen that attacks in the eclipse nights or bearmen that leaves in villages in mountain caves or wookie-inspired beastmen that live in tree houses inside a jungle. I don't know how you feel but i'm tired of bashing Rupus.