Suggestion Small changes that could have big impacts.


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I know the devs are probably busy preparing for new content release but i think with the current state of the game there are a couple of things that could be done to improve the quality of the game that wont need alot of input from their side.
1. Increasing the rate of burn from max 10 days to 30 days.
they could easily increase the burn to make it 30 days and once a month new tiles pop up to replace all the old ones. this will create a common goal for clans to work towards, also it will create a bigger incentive to utilize different building mechanics the game has to offer that no one touches because of the burn. ex: clay cement concrete.. siege walkers are not a thing because of this aswell.
2. Being in the mist gives you sand in the walker gears over time.
they could also make it that walkers get sand in gears over time while being in the mist, this will discourage people camping out there with crafting walkers.
3. Cleaning the lobby of unused walkers.
walkers that are not moved from the lobby for longer than 7 days and are not favorited should automatically spawn into the map already broken to rid of the cluttered tiles with 100's of untouched walkers.
4. Underused items and crafting stations.
this game offers alot of under used items and stations that should have their mats altered to make it more appealing for players to craft.

Not all my suggestion are great but im sure some of the players agree with what i wrote since iv heard alot of in game players complaining and asking for similar things.
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The first two are good ideas. I myself don't have much of a problem with the 'short' amount of time a server burns. But I can tell there are a lot of people who do have a problem with that, and I believe their numbers are greater than those who don't mind. As for the mist putting sand in the gears, it's good and I'd say go one step further and make it so you slowly get sand in your gears if you are on actual sand. Y'know the edges of the maps?

I don't quite understand 3 though...Walkers that haven't had their owner interact with them for 6 hours are moved to lobby. And it they aren't favorite in the lobby they will get deleted with the tile they're on. And the items and stations are in need of some balancing/expanding, but I'm just taking that as a granted because we are still in the early stages of this game.


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The game is being pushed toward a pretty hard-core direction, It seems that for the developers the perfect candidate player of their game is a paraplegic who can't leave the house with a strong sense of "need to work all day, every day". Point 3 doesn't make any sense at all, point 4 is hard to understand, name me an underused working station, go!