Walker Has Gone MIA

Hey guys, so me and a friend have been tablet farming so as to get Wingsuits unlocked

we had a spider walker with 40 tablets on it that we have not brought out unless we pack more tablets on it.

the walker was set to veterans in our 5 man clan, and we have 3 veterans ( 2 of us active, 1 not so much) the walker has now dissapeared along with 40 tabs,

can someone in the clan access the walker and steal the tabs and then leave the group? if its set to a high rank?

I have contact support ant the message i get is below


Thank you for contacting Donkey Crew Customer Support. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. During Early Access phase of the development, in-game support is unavailable so we will be unable to help locate the lost Walker.

While we are doing our best to ensure a pleasant experience to all players, Last Oasis is an Early Access game still in active development. Therefore, you may encounter many bugs and technical errors. We will report the incident to the development team.

Thank you for your understanding.
GM Pela"

anyone had a similar issue ? would your walker move from EU to NA or Oceana? or is that a bit of a stretch? - I have looked over every EU tile and i don't see it



Sounds like it burned
if you did not favorit the walker and did not move it ahead of the burn then you will lose it when the tile burns.