Write 3 things that stop you from playing the game.


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Yeah currently it's mostly the hackers and exploiters.
I'll probably still play more if the commerce update proves really interesting.


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1. Combat lock timer - No practical way to escape, even if I avoid getting legged, avoid getting harpooned, avoid getting winged, avoid getting killed at the sticks, AND make it to the edge. F'ing BS...
2. ESP and cheaters. Nothing happening to them... No fixes...
3. Gankers...Constant...Gankers...
1 Cheats/exploits/abuse (Zero me, but do it with "honor" mmkay?)
2 Utter lack of ingame support or systems for non-violent content (as in there's no alliance system, the trade sucks, and the only real content is simple pvp)
3 Optimization (I'm not on a brick, but it certainly acts like one with Last Oasis)


!.) lack of tiles.. condensed zergs (im not logging in to loose my stuff)
2.) all the reports of cheating, change something in your programming daily that it disrupts the cheating codes ....figure it out! or use a better anti-cheat client side that only allows certain programs to be open, dang really com'on programmers step your game up!
3.) at this point i might just go console at least xbox/ps5 has built in anticheat.... just remember that when you buy games that are cross platforms. one good thing video card/cpu sales are going to plummet, why am i going to spend $2500 on a new pc when there's hackers? when i can buy a $500ish conlsole with next to no hackers.
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Boredom tbh. Need more systems, more map types, more space, more items that factor into systems to have a reason to go exploring for. More fluff. Etc etc. Just more :p


Lately the three things that annoy me to the point where stopping play is the option.

ESP hak.....


Bunny Hopping Known and Outed in Public Cheater Griefers that will spend roughly 3 hours smashing flagpoles or walker climbers.....I just can't wrap my brain around how kicking over a sand castle is fun......plus.....lota talk about no cheating allowed yet certain clans wash rinse repeat.....