Terms and rules

While the world of Last Oasis might often be brutal, this community is a place in which we want to foster strong community bonds to drive us, the developers, to shape the future of our (and your!) game. Because of that, rules are needed to ensure harmony and respect

1. No sexual/racial discrimination of any kind. We have zero tolerance of hate speech.

2. Harassment, threats, intrusive messages, flamebaiting, obnoxious attitudes, insensitive jokes, excessive rudeness and trolling are all hostile to this environment.

3. Remain civil and do not insult others. If discussing difficult topics, do so in a mature manner that allows everyone to debate things meaningfully. Avoid bad faith arguments and allow yourselves to agree to disagree.

4. Nudity, gore and other NSFW contents are not allowed.

5. Discussions enabling piracy or cheating are not welcome.

6. No spam, including but not limited to: fishy links to referrals or spoofed websites, emoji spamming, repeated messages, mass-mentioning users.

7. No advocating for or encouraging any of the above behavior.

The above rules are a non-exhaustive list of unwelcomed behaviors, and we reserve the right to take action as required to enable a healthy Last Oasis community.

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